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Get in control of your anxiety, depression, addiction, stress, sleep and much more.

Focused Solutions For Relief

What if you could control your thoughts?

What if you could give yourself space to breathe?

What if you could think clearly again?

What if you didn't constantly cycle through exhausted, wired, exhausted, wired daily?

What if you could just make the constant noise in your head stop for just a few minutes?

If you could change all those or even one of those, where would your life take you?

You have ambition, dreams and change the world goals - but perhaps

  • anxiety or
  • low self-esteem or
  • lack of confidence or
  • not feeling good enough or
  • addiction to something or
  • depression or
  • blocked creativity or
  • constant stress and worry or
  • weight issues or
  • fear

is keeping you stuck, feeling blocked and mostly not moving forward.

Perhaps you’ve been through some changes recently struggling to “bounce back” or  lost the core of who you are.


Maybe for a while you've been feeling:

  • lost,
  • directionless,
  • scatter brained,
  • constantly stressed,
  • not sleeping,
  • relying on wine, gin, prosecco to relax and unwind you or
  • buying new shoes or
  • maybe it’s sugar
  • Your work doesn’t stimulate you anymore,
  • you don’t have the same passion for anything
  • you don’t even know if you have any strength anymore to keep pushing

you’re just searching trying to feel better than you do right now.


Whatever scenario is keeping you from achieving your limitless possibilities or even just the happier version of you, know that you don’t have to keep feeling this way. There are solutions + strategies that can help you get from where you are right now to where you want to be - living a life that's true to yourself. Living, not just existing.

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In Person Therapy

Utilising advanced clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy, stress management techniques, mindfulness and coaching. Bespoke tailored sessions to quickly get you results.

Self Help

Help yourself at your own pace with online training modules & exercises - coming soon

Download an MP3

Empower yourself by choosing your own downloadable mp3 to listen to for a minimum of 21-28 days for best results.

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