Let's face it, losing weight can be really tricky, right?

Weight loss can be complex. The good news is, there are plenty of excellent solutions that don't involve starving yourself to help you reach your ideal weight. Hypnosis for weightloss

The only d.i.e.t you need is to: 

D - Ditch

I - Ill-fed

E - Eating Programmes

T - Today


Have you ever thought:

"When I get my mind in the right place, I can lose weight"?

"I just don't seem to have the drive or motivation to make the right choices"?


Probably you've at some point on your journey joined Slimming World, Weight Watchers, a shake of some description. You've probably even done the cabbage soup diet, am I right? 

And you've watched others shed weight on these diets easily, whilst you maybe lost a few, maybe even hit goal once, but that was years ago and now here we are again...

I understand, I've spent my whole life bouncing from the next "miracle, simple, easy to follow" weight loss plan, only to end up worse than when I started. So, believe me, I understand where you are at. 

Alternative Solution

Introducing a weight loss programme that puts YOU IN CONTROL through the power of hypnosis and NLP!

  • Gain control over what you eat!
  • Gain control over how you eat!
  • Gain control over emotional, addictive or compulsive eating!
  • Gain control over your motivation to exercise!
  • Gain control over your mind through power of hypnosis! 


Many of us try to rely on controlling what we eat, think our will power is weak and spend our time in a self perpetuating cycle of "should", "must", "restriction" and getting frustrated with ourselves, even talking to ourselves in a way we'd never talk to others.

Not a nice or fun way to live.

You should know that will power is like a muscle and it too can get overused and tired if the thinking hasn't changed.


What you need is new ways of thinking to drive difference behaviours to get you the desired results. 

We're all different. What worked for your friend, family member or that person in the news or on the internet may not work for you. 

Have you ever noticed that most weightloss stories start with a story that made the person realise they wanted to change, or a life threatening illness or relationship issue. The key part is that they made up their mind to let go of excuses and to change their behaviour. They started thinking differently

Everyone has something different going on in their lives, their past, their future so you need a tailored solution for you.

This programme puts you in control and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise.  

Types of Eaters:

  • Compulsive eater,
  • Emotional eater or
  • Addictive eater
  • Perhaps you eat to control anxiety to self soothe and make yourself feel safer.

It doesn’t have to be rational or logical. We'll establish what your individual eating pattern is. 

Each type of eater needs a different strategy, that's why this type of mind coaching and hypnotherapy is excellent for letting go of weight.

Benefiting from weight loss

According to data published in the Australian Family Physician, Jan- Feb 2008, issue 37: a reduction of 5-10% in weight can improve health by up to 35%! 

According to Gordon Cochrane, a published psychologist, one of the most overlooked factors in weight loss is the role of self esteem. He cites that improving a person's self worth will assist them to focus more on self care, which in turn will lead to long term weight loss. He further states that most weight loss programmes are external, i.e. relying on something outside yourself, so miss the mark completely, which is why so many fail. Whereas studies that focused on improving core identity and sense of self had better results longer term.   

Clinical Hypnotherapy works on core identity as a strategy is weight loss where required.


A fantastic video on new research on weight loss by a researcher at Kent State University. 

With additional assistance from Clinical Hypnotherapy there's no need to have to exert will power not to give in to be able to achieve these results.


Losing weight with hynosis

This programme consists of 8 sessions of approx 90 minutes each and is based on clinical research that links long term weight loss with hypnotherapy.

In the sessions, depending on your unique needs and outcomes we will cover topics such as:

  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Needs, Wants, Desires
  • Self Esteem & Confidence
  • Visualisation
  • Peak Performance Mindset
  • Type of eating habits
  • Habits & Behaviours
  • How the brain works
  • What are you seeking or hiding from
  • Future orientated goals
  • Neural Pathways
  • Motivation Types

and many more including healthy eating and movement.

This is a programme that doesn't treat you as though you must lack will power or stereotype you as gluttonous. It looks at you, as an individual to better understand what is causing your eating behaviour and gives you strategies to build motivation and to visualise your way to success and at the same time rewiring the way your brain works with regards to food. There is absolutely no shaming and it is completely confidential. 

Click below to book your free initial consultation with me. 

Note: that every person is different and results cannot in anyway be guaranteed. 

Healthy Eating
Eat for health

What to expect

First, we will have a free initial consultation to establish your readiness for the programme and whether we are a good fit for one another.

Once we have gone through the initial consultation, you will complete a more detailed in take form, which will start to inform our sessions together. 

When the sessions start, each session will be tailored to your  specific situation. In each session there will be discussion utilising psychological tools as well as hypnotic intervention. 

There are work books to complete between sessions, again to inform the subsequent sessions.

Guidance will be provided for nutrition and movement as well as the details of nutritionists, dietitians and movement instructors if you wish to engage further on these.

We do randomised weighing and measuring and time will be given to achieve the outcomes that we set at the beginning of the programme. Therefore this may not be 8 consecutive sessions in terms of weeks, depending on how you relate. 

People have reported that they felt better immediately after session 1 and begin to make better choices in eating and wanting to move more. 

It can be normal to expect that emotions may come up and you may experience periods of feeling melancholy or periods of feeling extremely upbeat and energetic. This does not happen to everyone, it is just good to know that this may happen. 

Everyone reacts and responds differently to therapy therefore, expected results will not be discussed. We will instead stay focused on healthy, well formed outcomes that are discussed in the initial sessions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Programme normally costs £850 

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Payments can be paid in full or in 2 interest free installments 4 weeks apart once accepted into the programme. Details on the refund policy can be found above in the FAQ.

Good to know:

For those who are interested in hypnotherapy for weight loss, whilst I offer this service, I don’t believe in the gastric banding methodology, so I don’t use this technique. Hypnotherapy can be taken so literally especially when in a deep trance and it is not uncommon to have real physical reactions as though you actually went under surgery. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it could happen and as such, I choose to use other methodology. Weight is never just because one overeats, there is usually an underlying reason. A good hypnotherapist will help to understand the root cause and not simply apply a quick fix “plaster” on top. These of course are simply my opinions; you will know what the correct path for you will be.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is also only ever recommended for a BMI of 30 and above


Whilst every effort will be made to tailor the therapy to suit you and your circumstances, results cannot be guaranteed.

This type of programme takes commitment from us both and a willingness and readiness from you to act on what we cover in your sessions.

Take a load off and get in touch to start your weightloss journey