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Let go of weight for good

Weight loss is never simply about eating too much, there is a reason that you are overweight. You could be a compulsive eater, emotional eater or addictive eater, you could be trying to control anxiety to self soothe and make yourself feel safer. It doesn’t have to be rational or logical.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have been trying to use will power alone to lose weight, will power is like a muscle and it too can get overused and tired.

To conquer weight loss for good, the root cause of the issue will be investigated and understood in order to be able to let it go or deal with it. We will look into strategies and techniques that will help you live a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable for you. Most of the time, once you understand the why behind your unconscious actions, and this doesn’t need to be a conscious understanding, you will find that weight is no longer an issue for you.

For those who are interested in hypnotherapy for weight loss, whilst I offer this service, I don’t believe in the gastric banding methodology, so I don’t use this technique. Hypnotherapy can be taken so literally especially when in a deep trance and it is not uncommon to have real physical reactions as though you actually went under surgery. This doesn’t happen to everyone, but it could happen and as such, I choose to use other methodology. Weight is never just because one overeats, there is usually an underlying reason. A good hypnotherapist will help to understand the root cause and not simply apply a quick fix “plaster” on top. These of course are simply my opinions; you will know what the correct path for you will be.

Weightloss is a packaged programme and is a minimum of 6-8 sessions spread out over a period of time.

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